Mimpi Dreams

Accompany Mimpi through his dreams

  • Mimpi Dreams
  • v2.6
  • Licenza : Gratis
  • Sistema operativo : Windows
  • Lingua : Italiano
  • Autore : Spesoft


Mimpi Dreams icon

Mimpi Dreams is a 2D adventure game where you'll have to keep Mimpi company through his exciting dreams. In these dreams, players have to jump from platform to platform, solve puzzles, and interact with tons of different objects in the settings.

The game is divided into five different worlds, through which you'll have to progress by overcoming all the obstacles that cross your path. Some of these obstacles are as simple as platforms you have to jump between. Others, however, include complex puzzles, where you'll have to interact with many different elements in the settings.

During Mimpi's dreams you can pick up little light bulbs to use whenever you get stuck on a puzzle and need a clue to help you solve it. But in the free version of Mimpi Dreams you only have one life, so be careful.

Mimpi Dreams is an excellent canine dream simulator with a very unique approach and gorgeous graphics. The game's soundtrack, composed by Jaroslav Vyhnička and Alexandre Guiraud, also deserves special mention.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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